What you are about to read is an entirely new concept in helping children and

animals, at the same time! 

We call this idea Macarena Farms- Orphanage and Animal Sanctuaries”, and they are designed to help the abused and

abandoned children of this world, to be able to love, learn about, and care for, abused and abandoned animals, to the

benefit of them all! To the best of our knowledge, this concept has never been done before. Please allow me to explain

further how this will work.


The reason they are called “Macarena Farms” is because this idea was originally conceived by a very caring young

woman from Madrid, Spain, named Macarena Rivera. One day while watching television with her mother she saw a story

about how the government was “giving away” property in some of the more rural areas of Spain. The story said that some

areas were in danger of turning into “ghost towns” due to the fact that so many people were either moving to the large

cities, or leaving Spain all together due to a sharp down-turn in the recent economy. The concept of having an abandoned

farm “donated” to us came from her seeing that one single story on TV that day! One thought led to another, and with

Macarena also being a devoted animal-lover, this concept for “Macarena Farms” was born.


My name is Jim Whitcomb, and for several years I have been working to start up a small organization to help

orphanage children, primarily in Asia. It is called “Jim’s Projects”, and you can read more about that by going to

www.jimsprojects.webs.com. So when Macarena came to me with this concept of getting “donated” property in Spain,

these two ideas combined of helping the orphanage children and the animals, and doing it all at the same time!” That

basically is how this idea was born.


The more you think about it, the more it actually makes sense. We all want our children to grow up to be intelligent,

compassionate, and caring people, right? We want them to be as “self-sufficient” as they can be, while having a wide range

of useful knowledge to cover all the possibilities that the future may hold for them.


A child living on a “Macarena Farm” will have a wonderfully wide range of experiences. From growing crops in the farm’s

accompanying fields, to caring for the chickens, collecting eggs, feeding the cows and goats, cleaning the stalls, caring for

abandoned cats, dogs, rabbits, and more.They will be learning what “real-life” is all about, as well as having a main-house

where computer and internet skills, learning a new language, cooking, household finances, and taking care of a working

household can also be learned and experienced first-hand. In other words, the children who come to live on a “Macarena

Farm” can learn all the skills necessary to actually have a serious chance to make it in the “real world”!

Through the loving compassion of the carefully chosen staff members, our children will go on to become very good,

decent, compassionate, and caring young adults who will be a genuine benefit to all of society when they eventually leave

the farm and begin a life of their own. The animals selected for living on our farms will always come from locations where

they could no longer be cared for, or were “confiscated” due to abuse. A “Macarena Farm” will supply a good and loving

home to the farm animals, and other homeless animals, who will in turn be cared for by children who need a caring and

loving home as well. What could be better! It is “win-win” all the way around for everyone involved



So that is the concept of what “Macarena Farms” will be all about if we can just get the funding to make it happen. I hope

you will find it as inspiring and exciting as Macarena and I do!


Thanks for reading this short description of what we hope to accomplish with our idea. It is only in the "concept stage" at

the moment, but we would love to hear your comments on all of this. Perhaps we could use your positive thoughts and

encouragement to help bring this to life someday soon.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, as the old Chinese proverb says! You reading this page

today could be a wonderful first step along that “journey” to making this a reality for many worthy children and

animals who are in need of a home, and in need of each other. I hope that together we truly can create some “Macarena

Farms” to help children and animals all across Spain… and in many other parts of the world as well.


Take care everyone, and thanks.


Jim Whitcomb- Director of Jim’s Projects



P.S. I can be reached at: [email protected]


Thanks again!